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reasons representation is important: i’m in tears because agent washington is asexual

I love that you're so cool with the RvB shipping. Just out of curiosity, what pairing makes the most sense to you?


I try to avoid these conversations so as to not sanction one over another. Also, who knows, Wash is probably fairly asexual.

please remember to include asexual people in your sex positivity!!! sex isn’t a normal thing that everyone wants and insinuating that it is isn’t really cool. just remember that it’s totally fine to not want to have sex, just like it’s totally fine to want to have loads of sex!!

the posts about bisexual headcanons have way more notes than the post about asexual headcanons

that says something to me

but we don’t face any of the issues lgbtqi+ people face not at ALL we’re just as accepted as straight people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

objectifying celebrities is kind of really gross

just a psa

they’re humans too

you wouldn’t do it to your brother’s friend don’t do it to actors and actresses

also groot is an infj

my SON

but like

steve rogers and i are both ace infjs

how am i so like steve rogers i’m not that good of a person

steve rogers and i have the same personality type (infj) and apparently people aren’t as shocked about this as i am and i’m really emotional over it

hurt my back really bad at work, but i got this in the mail so things aren’t too bad.