"don’t get so upset, it’s just a movie/game/book/tv show!"

the characters might be fake, but the impact they have had on my life is 100% real

hi my name is joanna i’m 20 years old and i’ve been destroyed by the walking dead game season one

hey if you know any good fics that fix episodes four & five of the walking dead game & make it so the bad stuff doesn’t happen please send them my way

i’m in total denial i refuse to play episode five i can’t do this

#100happydays protect clementine at all costs.

all i hear listening to “epilogue (will the circle be unbroken)” by troy baker is joel sitting with ellie and singing to her because she won’t stop pestering him about being musical and wants to hear him

the song just sounds like it belongs in the last of us honestly. it sounds like something gustavo santaolalla would’ve written for the game.

agitatedshark replied to your post: are there a lot of jump scares in the …

Its has a fair amount, so be warned. I don’t think most of them are that bad but it does have some that shook me up a little.

thank you so much! i’ll keep that in mind - my friend said they’re pretty predictable, too, but he can also predict ends of games the moment he plays them so.

so it’s not wednesday anymore and this isn’t strictly a #wcw but. i can’t stop imagining my three favorite zombie slaying ladies in a zombie slaying girl gang.

are there a lot of jump scares in the telltale walking dead game?

taking an indefinite break from tumblr/my public twitter

so if you want my private twitter and we’re mutuals let me know

otherwise it’s skype or nothing and i’m not gonna be accepting random requests


in the heat of the moment when the thunder and lightning comes i know that you’ll be by my side #myface